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1st Brisket Questions

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Looking to smoke my first brisket this weekend.  Sounds like my local Sams has a few in stock around the 14lb range.  I'd like to have it ready to eat around 5 pm Saturday night.  What time should I plan on putting it in the smoker?  I would prefer putting it on Friday night and letting it cook through the night versus waking up in the middle of the night to put it on.  If I put it on around 10 pm Friday night what time range should I expect it to be finished?  If it's finished way before 5 can I foil it and cooler it for a couple hours?


I plan to use a 40" MES to smoke with amazen pellet smoker tray.  What wood should I use?  I have cherry, hickory and oak pellets. 


And finally foil or no foil?

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I'm not a MES guy, I have an RF, Brisket does real well with hickory, I smoke at 225 º and If I were wanting to eat at 5:00 PM I'd start about 2:00 AM,  there is no set time for cooking briskets, it's done when it's done. You want enough time for it to cook then rest a bit before slicing. It's not so much the weight as the thickness. I've done a lot of briskets and posted several thing that may help. see if there is something in there that will help.





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Best estimate is about 1.5 hours per pound but don't be surprised if it takes longer than that. I had a 9 pounder take almost 2 hours per pound last summer and I was holding a fairly steady 225.


As for foil and cooler, absolutely you can. I have only done 3 briskets thus far but have finished all 3 that way and they have turned out great.


For woods, lately I have been a fan of mixing cherry and hickory but it is really up to you and what flavor you are going for.


I foil for almost everything I smoke but I tend to be impatient or decide to do something last minute.

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Just, don't count on just time !!!   Example;   you have a 10 # Brisket, the thickest part is 4" thick you figure 1.5 hours per lb.  15 hours, You also have a 20 # brisket, the thickest part is 4.5 inches thick x the 1.5 hour rule 30 hours ?   NO 


Read my post, it will help you better understand





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Oh yeah I know from experience with butts that time should only be a guide. That's all I was looking for. I always cook to temp. I was just shooting for a general idea.
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