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Busy building a BBQ festival

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Haven't had much time lately.  Between Working a three day shift at work and spending every other waking moment talking to sponsors, booking bands, listening to bands, putting together the events at the festival, there is not much time left over in a day (or night). This thing has grown way past our initial intentions of a simple little ProAm BBQ contest and festival. It's now a two day event (August 1st and 2nd) Starting with a large opening ceremony and veterans tribute and hopefully our invited honorees will be able to attend, along with the Patriot Guard, honor guard, Mounted presentation, etc., etc..  $7500 in prize money for the pro teams, a large amateur and junior grilling competition, professional classic car show, Huge beer tent, wine tents, more and more, A portion of the profits go to a local food share network and veterans groups.  Y'all go to our website:   and come on out, I dare ya not to have fun.

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sounds like you got your hands full.  good luck with the festival. Where is it going to be held?

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The harvest festial site in Sublimity Oregon, 9 mile south east of Salem on hiway 22,  August 1st and 2nd of this year and forever after we hope!!

The website is really good and explains everything plus has interactive signup sheets.

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goog luck with the festival


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