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fermento vs cultured buttermilk

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I made summer sausage with deer meat and beef, I was told by a friend that I could replace fermento with cultured buttermilk blend so I did. I sent some to my brother and he says it has a gritty taste, I don't notice as much as he is saying but there is something about it that needs changing. Does anybody think that using cultured buttermilk vs fermento could be the problem? I got my recipe out of Great Sausage Recipes by Rytek Kutas

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You could have over cooked it.... had a "fat out".... that makes meat gritty like sawdust....
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I have used buttermilk in smoked sausage before with great results. Like Dave said you could have had a fat-out or used to much buttermilk. The lactic acid could have been to much and made the meat have a grainy course texture.


Sometime we all have set backs, this happens and it hurts a bit because we loose the meat. It does not make you a bad sausage maker.


Keep on stuffing.

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I have been using Non Fat Dry Milk NFDM with great results, just picked up some fermento this last weekend and will be giving it a try. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Does your recipe have Soy Protein Concentrate?  If so, too much of that can give you a mealy or gritty texture.

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