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I need a sausage stuffer.

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I'm looking to buy a sausage stuffer soon. I tried the Weston 7lb. vertical suffer and I liked it but  I 'm not a fan of the Company (customer service) and would like to go elsewhere. Anybody ever buy from Smokehouse Chef?? They seem to have some very reasonable prices on their stuffers and they appear to be identical to Weston, Walton, etc. They also sell parts.

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UJ, I have one stuffer from TSM( 5#) and one from Cabelas( 20#), both are great and have been going for many years.

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Grizzly sells the same 5# stuffers as other folks...

Order an extra o-ring or 2 while you are at it....

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Gander mountain 15lb stuffer with metal gears. $219  I put it to the test and its a good one

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