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There really should be no confusion here.   For example, if making brats.  Say you make ten pounds.  Make ten pounds fresh and 10 pounds with a cure.  Here are in my opinion some important rules when using cures that I have gone with for years


Handle all cures carefully and follow the directions on the package exactly.  [for example cure#1 and cure #2 are for different uses]

Meat is defined as the total combination of all meats, both lean and fat.  Weigh all the meat before measuring the cure. [for example using cure #1, the ratio is 1 tsp. per 5 pounds of meat]

Be sure to measure or wegh cures accurately.  Some recipes call for level teaspoons of cure.  Do not pack the measuring spoon.  Use a straight-edge knife to slide across and level the top for example.  Something I think is very important----The cure should be dissolved with water.  Cant stress that enough.  Sprinkling cure on the meat is not the way to do it.  And of course mix the cure and seasonings throughout all the meat.  I let my mix set in the fridge overnight also so the seasonings and the cure can meld throughout the mix.  You could stuff right away also, but still should give time for everything to meld.  Reinhard