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Grommets from maverick for et 732

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Just ordered some grommets from maverick. Just curious on how you install these grommets from maverick for the et 732 probes? Do you just drill a hole on the WSM then they just slip into the hole in the wall on the smoker or what? Thanks.

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Yep just drill a 5/16 hole then sand, file or scrape the hole to get rid of any sharp bits. Use a little spit on the grommet pinch a little and work one side in then just push-slide the grommet around till it seats.


This link should work


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link not working for me....
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Thanks stan appreciate it very much.

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You can buy those type of grommets at your local automotive parts stores.  Called firewall grommet. 

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I realize that it's a bit crude compared to the grommet's, but I simply drilled a 7/16 hole, (With a "step drill". ),  through my kettle's and WSM.  Originally intended to look for a grommet to finish it but have had no troubles so far.  The step drill will start a hole, without need of a center punch which can shatter the coating on the Weber kettle's and WSM's, and cut's a clean hole that doesn't need additional de-burring.


I have used these smokers for an average of two smokes per month for over two years with no adverse effect to the probe wires of either my Maverick nor Thermoworks thermometer probes.


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