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Novelty Glock Smoker

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We were slow for a while and decided to build a smoker and have it resemble a Glock.  I've seen the Revolver style grill that looked really labor intense.  Finally got around to completing the project and mounting it on a trailer.  STill need to make a wood box and accessories holder, so we will make that resemble an ammo can.  Thought I would post a picture.  Cooked some ribs and chicken on it Friday to prove it out, worked well even with having to run a business at the same time, lol.   I ended up making a grill to set in the firebox to crisp up the chicken and/or cook a steak for the chef.  Would love suggestions. Now to the sales part of the equation.  Certainly can not charge what I have into it, but was thinking about $4500.  Any idea where one would try and sell something like this?  Firebox is 24" x 24" x 18" out of 1/4" steel, the complete "Smoking gun" is out of 10 gauge.  Probably could use some insulation in the colder months, but it worked fine in the mid 20's we had on Friday.






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Very nice workmanship..... That should win the "peoples choice" award in Conservative States....
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Thanks DAve, it's been fun.

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