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 I just did Beer Can Chicken in my SMOKING~IT smoker and it turned out the best thing I've done so far. I used SWEETWATER BEER  ( only available in deep south )  and the flavor was fantastic. The chicken was very juicy. I used JEFF'S SECRET RUB AFTER I RUBED OLIVE OIL ALL OVER THE BIRD. The temp reached 165 in 2hrs 20 min.  It came out golden brown ( I would include a picture but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post a picture on this) . The SMOKING-IT smokers are stainless steel and so well insulated I have found my stuff cooks a lot faster than called for in the recipe. For instance this called for smoking it for 3-4 hours. Having the wireless Temperature control has saved me. I had leftovers the next day and it was still just as juicy.

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Sounds like a very successful smoke  Congrats



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sounds like a fine beer can to me too.


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