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beef ribs

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Hey guys, been working my tail off lately. Trying to get caught up on the forums. Im going to be smoking a brisket and some beef ribs this next weekend. I feel confident on the brisket but Im not too sure about the beef ribs. Need some advice on cooking temps and time, etc. I plan on just having a dry rub on the ribs overnight and then smoking them. Would like pointers on pull time/temps and if wrapping may be needed at the end,etc. Thanks!
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I do beef ribs much like pork spares, using the 3-2-1 method.  I love them cooked this way.  I cook them at 235.



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Hopefully you can obtain beefy ribs...the ones around here are pretty skinned for the price. Regardless, my experience has been to allow enough time foiled to tenderize them...sometimes I neglect because they 'look good', ya know.....happy smoking when you get to it....Willie. PS...use the search bar typing in 'beef ribs' for dozens of styles that might suit your taste

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I have done 3-2-1 and naked. They always turn out good. Remember to post a Qview or Bottom.gif.

Happy smoken.


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