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I nwver thought of a fan
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having cooked for groups from 50 to over 300 and having been a groom on a very small budget,  I will just echo the others and say dont do it yourself


to be honest, coming on here asking the kind of questions you asked in the OP gives the impression you dont need to dive off into this yourself


if your friend is gunna do it, make sure he knows what he is doing, like trial runs on the pit(s) he will use for the event


I understand completely the need and want to save the money, and it can be done, just make sure your friend (better if plural) know what they are doing well ahead of time and not 'figuring it out' for the big show


little things going wrong can upset people in ways you probably cant imagine



how much time before the wedding?


how big is your pit?  can it handle all you need cooked, or do you need to borrow another or cook ahead of time?







ohh, and congrats on getting hitched :yahoo:

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Congratulations on the wedding.

I would agree with the others, and don't cook or prep this yourself. I fully understand the desire to keep it on the cheap. My second wedding we did a pot luck gathering. We provided the pulled pork, others brought the sides and father in law did chicken. When everyone was there, we went out under an old oak tree and held the service. Then we ate and had a good time. The bride and I went on a cruise that would not have happened if we paid others to do it. I would do it again, but I cooked the pork ahead of time and had someone reheat it for me.

If you are set on your friends doing this, with some of your help. Lets get some details. Date of wedding, menu, equipment available at the site, what you are renting, type of smoker with size and anything else that can help us help you. For me 60 people is not a big deal, but I do this type of stuff every day for way larger groups and a team of cooks to help. For someone not familiar with cooking for that many people the biggeat issue is timing. So in order to be able to help we need every detail possible To guide you along.
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