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tough casings on smoked sausage

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I hope someone can help me. I did my first attempt at smoked pork sausage. I used natural casing , cold smoked for 12hrs. then brought the heat until I had internal temperature of 160. Rinsed them in cold water and into the fridge overnight. I tried on this morning and the casing are tough as hell! My first thought is I overcooked them but I really don't know....

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What kind of sausage (kielbasi) what ingredients did you use, any pics of them?

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Too much heat too long maybe?
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The type was just plain pork sausage in 35mm natural casing. I used some (smoked sausage )seasoning w/cure added  from a local smokehouse. This was an experiment nothing fancy as it was /is my first time. Ingredients were pork and seasoning. I used a digital thermometer with a probes in the sausage link.

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Open that link....   Joe knows sausage...

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Sorry to say they do look dry and they are not evenly filled. Check the link for the casing that also plays a big part. Please do not be offended

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Not offended in the least, I came here for help and I'm thank full  for the suggestions. I have another 5 lbs. cased up and will go in the smoker tomorrow. I'll let ya'll know.

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I've found if you under stuff, the casing will be not stretched out enough, leading to a thicker, chewier wall, if you will. It takes some practice getting the right fill; you'll get some blowouts testing the limit.

Also, Dave's link, it's a good one. Vinegar and overnight soak..
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I think I resolved the tough casing problem. As was mentioned, al little vinegar in the casing soak and the proper filling( I didn't put enough at first). Last week I made some fresh garlic sausage(, recipe from the "Charcuterie", and is was excellent!! This morning I made some Kielbasa .also from the same book. This however was ,made with 50% pork butt and 50% wild pork, should be good.


Pic's not real; good but.....

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Nice job! They look tasty!

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I wish my sausage had half the issue of yours. I did my first sausage also and mine turned out horrible. You have a real deep color and just looks good overall. I would be proud of that batch.

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If you were more specific I'm sure the fellas here would be glad to help ya out. All ya gotta do is ask.....

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