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Boston vs picnic

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How much taste different is there between these two? I have only smoked bottoms but the picnic is so much cheaper?
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I have only done 1 butt when I first started.

I only do picnics now. Alot cheaper.

I use butts to make ham.

I like the bone, skin and the extra fat. All adds to the flavor.
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I like to mix when doing Pulled pork.
I find the picnic slightly sweeter and more tender
The butts have a little more body to the meat. It makes a great combo.
However and as cfarmer posted. I have been doing more picnics also, because I catch them on sale sometimes for .99 a pound.
The yield is a little less on the picnics but they are more than 50% cheaper when I catch the picnics on sale.
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I like the picnics also because the meat seems to shred better than pork butt. They both taste fine but I like the texture you get with the picnic. And the price of picnic being lower ...that is nice too.
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