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popcorn for timberjet

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didn't know where to post this, hope i'm in the right place.


anyway, the other day, timber was saying he liked movie style popcorn.

i was gonna send him a  PM, but i thot maybe there's guys here who spend all their time doing insane mods to perfectly good smokers,

n forgetting the important things, like popcorn.


this isn't a recipe. you know how to make popcorn. heat a heavy pot, add oil, toss in kernels  cover n shake once in a while.

popcorn happens.


to make movie style popcorn, the best you ever had, change ingredients.


most important, use extra virgin coconut oil to pop the corn.. that's the big secret. the movies have used that for years.

for a while, it was considered bad for you, now it's a super food, so who knows. i'm talking taste here.


in fact, you probably think you need butter on popcorn, but melt some of this n pour it on.  you will be impressed.


the other trick is to use popcorn salt. it's very fine grained, with some additives. i put some of this in with the coconut oil when it

melts then when the popcorn is done, i salt to taste.

two layers of coconut oil, two layers of salt.


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Alrighty then suze! I will write this down as soon as I get home from work. You are the best.

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hugzzz, timber.

make sure you get extra virgin. if you melt some n add to fruit you'll get a hint of coconut, but none on popcorn.

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Sounds good. We use alot of coconut oil n milk.
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