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First Fattie

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Hello All,


Couple of weeks ago I was given some ground Venison and made a Mushroom, Sweet onion and Cheddar Fattie. Smoked at 240 with Cherry wood with an IT of 165. Came out excellent!





Thanks for checking out the cook!

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JC that looks great how was it inside at 165* IT any sliced shots to make us droll

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Thank you! and sadly no sliced shots, once I started slicing I started eating haha.


It was prefect on the inside at 165* perfectly moist and cooked for venison, well for me at least,  Towards the end of the cook I bumped the heat to about 275 to help crisp up the bacon. Next time i'll bump up the heat sooner in the cook to help crisp it even more. 

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I would probably do the same thing Thanks for sharing.

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Nice looking fatty! Is that a little 14.5" WSM?
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Nice job, looks mighty tasty



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Thanks guys! And yes that is a 14.5 love this thing great for personal meals and small gatherings!

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Nice. That's the first post I have seen on the site with a pic of the true Weber Mini. Boy I really want one of those but the price is a little steep. How well does it work for ya? 

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Honestly for me and my girlfriend and a few friends its perfect, it also doesn't use a ton of charcoal. And its like the bigger Weber's, so once its at temp it stays there. Only issue is i need to cut ribs in half but i can live with that. But i highly recommend it

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The only thing that gets me is that I can build one for under a hundred bucks. Sure looks sexy though. I used to do my ribs like this when I had the old ECB.


You could get a bunch of whole racks on like this. They turn out just as good.

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Nice,  I like your improvise 



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JC, nice looking fattie !

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Thanks again guys!

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