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having trouble keeping the A-maze-n going

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Trying to smoke my first Canadian bacon....initially bought the A-maze-n for dust....could not keep it lit...even  "nuked" the dust for 40

secs as recommended....built a tool box

attachment with lots of holes....still not able to keep lit......added a small fan to blow into the holes....still not lit


So I went and built a "mail box"

Switched to the pellet A-MAZE-N I bought this week hoping to generate smoke.....

Followed the direction for lighting (45 sec of flame-10 minutes of burn- blow out and insert------son of a gun went out in less than an hour,  (Frustrating)  


Maybe I'm confused about the amount of smoke that it should be producing.....I barely get a wisp


Guys...Why is this so hard for me???? Got a Master's Degree in Systems Engineer, spent 23 years operating Nuclear submarines and I can't even get a simple smoke to work.   But I'm not giving up!! (as long as you are willing to give advice


P>S>  Pop's brine  on the pork loin worked well...did a fry taste last night and it was GOOD....I will post some pictures of the finished product when and if it gets done..,

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I'll share something I've been doing here often with mine and I've had great luck with it. First I'll hit the pellets for 40 seconds with the torch. Then I'll take a wired up computer fan and blow the pellets with it. This blows out the flame but it's makes a VERY nice cherry on the pellets. I'll do this for maybe 30 seconds. Then I'll take the fan off of them and they'll immediately have a small flame and I'll let that go for 5 or 10 minutes. Blow it out and rock n roll.


If I'm using the dust, it's the same method. The fan is very low RPM so it's not strong enough to blow the pellets off at all. Some people have had success using a blow dryer on low.

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Thanks...I'll try that as I have a computer blower fan in my garage just sitting there as I now use a MAC...thanks again

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The pellets need drying.....   If you want about 3 1/2 hours smoke, fill one row... to the top...  place in oven or smoker at 275 for 2 hours...  I use the smoker so it gets sterilized while drying the pellets...    then proceed...   I dry my pellets all year round to avoid the dreaded "PELLETS WENT OUT !!!!!!"   scream.....  

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Even without a fan, you can just blow on the pellets to make that glowing cherry mentioned above. During the ten minutes of flame stage, just blow real hard on it every couple of minutes. I also have had the best results when drying the pellets. I usually measure out how many I need and nuke them for a minute or so.
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Did battle with the amnps a short while ago. I fill it, screet it with a what you do with concrete. Dump pellets on a paper plate. Nuke for 40 seconds. Let rest for a couple minutes. Nuke again. Rest again. Nuke again. Careful you don't make them start to smolder in the nuke box. Dump back into the amnps. Make sure it is full, as long as you don't have any pellets bridging the rows it will not jump rows. Take some of the Rutland gel that Todd sells and give one end a good squirt. Light with whatever you got. Keep it out of the wind. Let it burn for for 10 minutes prior to blowing the flame out. Works every time for me.
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Lit mine this morning for the first time. I nuked the pellets for 2 minutes, filled the AMNPS and lit it with a torch. Kept the torch on the pellets for about 20 seconds then applied a hairdryer to get the embers good and hot. Had good smoke. I placed them in my MES and so far have burned one row and it's still smoking very well. Although I think it's burning a little to fast, at this rate it will last for 8 hours. I may have to add pellets.

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start4eed over with the recommendations and switched to the "mailbox" mod....worked fine...thanks for the help


Here are the results after 6 hrs of smoke...took smoke off at 120Deg cause the color was good...raised to 180 in MES and took off at 145 internal temp


Here is the brown sugar (on top) and Pepper CB sliced.

Here is the Pepper after cooling in the garage over night (did 2 turkey legs to use in soups)


here is the brown sugar batch

Had them with pancakes and bloody marys for breakfast...everyone raved....brown sugar won on the best of show...again thanks for ALL the help......2nd batch done and the problems solved.



P.S. Maybe could have stopped smoke earlier..but went out to dinner while it smoked

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Originally Posted by Seppala52 View Post

I have a friend of mine, Bill who had gotten the AMNPS a few months ago and he had the same problem where it wouldn't stay lit.  Myself, I had gotten the Big Kahuna smoker from Smoke Daddy and it is working out great!  I get 1-  1 1/2 hours of smoke with this thing and the smoke ring on my brisket looks like it put it on with lip stick.  And it takes regular wood chips, no nuking.  For me, I highly recommend trying this out.  I got mine on  Got some good youtube videos too.

WOW !!  all 3 of your posts have "Smoke Daddy" referenced in them....   Are you on Dennis' payroll ?? ...

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torp3t3d0, Welcome!


Great work, and way to persevere!


I agree that your pellets and dust cannot be overly dry.  I normally nuke mine for about 90 seconds and them stir them, and do it again for about 60 seconds.  That usually works for me.  


We have a humid climate and even when I think my pellets are dry, I'm surprised at how much better they are after a quick trip through the microwave.


Keep up the good work, thanks for your service.



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Man do those look great !!!  Nice Job



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