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Here goes nothin' - 1st time smoking Chicken Quarters

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Got the ECB for the holidays and have done suggested mods to make it more workable.   Found chicken quarters on sale for .99/lb and I knew I would have a light day today so I thought I would go for it.  Trimmed up  8 chicken quarters and have them resting comfortably for the next 4 hours in a brine of water, salt, sugar, low sodium Soy Sauce and Olive oil.  Brine tasted good, liked the bit of smokiness the Soy added. 


After the brine, a good rise, then  oil them up and dust them with Emeril's chicken rub, then on the ECB until they reach an IT in the 175 range.  Might put some sauce on them and finish them off on the gas Weber to crisp up the skin, depends on how things progress.  I have a fresh bag  Royal Oak lump ready to go and planning on using cherry chips because that's what I have on hand. 


Thinking I should be running the ECB in the 275 ~ 300 range? 


Is there a different rub I should go with other than Emeril's,don't want to overpower the flavor?  Maybe just salt/pepper/garlic/onion power? 







Ready to go into the fridge

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You will notice flavor from the brine, the only way to find out how you like it is to simply try it.  As to the rub, I would put some additional flavor on the chicken but not too much.  this way you can determine exactly what the next batch needs or doesn't need.  If you smoke them at 275-300 the skin should come out crispy.  Poultry does not really benefit a lot from the typical low and slow smoke.  So go ahead, but remember how is was for the next time.  Create a smoking log making note of the process and how well you did or did not enjoy the food.


Good Luck


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Try the rub on just one or two, and compare with:without.

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More Pics !!!   Congrats on the smoker



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bottom rack loaded up  & cooking!



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Looks like you are off to a good start. I like some thyme with poultry. Other than that everything looks peachy.

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good luck with the quaters.


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Don't leave us hanging! I hope they are not still on the smoker.

Happy smoken.


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Just figured out my post the with finished product didn't post correctly.  Thanks for all tips and encouragement, produced eatable food and  learned some things.  Skin didn't crisp up, so I peeled it off and just sauced the quarters

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Nice Good Color



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That's a nice looking result!


Funny, after all my smoking, I haven't combined soy and smoke yet.

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I like to remove the skin after smoking, then add sauce and throw it under the broiler so the sauce "sticks" to the chicken. Works like a charm.


Also, I noticed you said you rinse after brining. It might just be me, but I don't rinse off the brine. I do omit salt from my rub as there will be residual salt from the brine, but i figure why waste all that good flavor by rinsing it down the drain. I pat them dry with paper towels to get the rub to stick.

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