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Chuck Eye Steaks & Crab Stuffed Portabellas

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Stuffed Mushroom Recipe
- 8 oz. cream cheese softened
- 1 packet of the Tastefully Simple Gorgonzola Cheese Ball mix
- 8-10 oz. of crab meat
- ¼ cup minced Uncle Gary's gourmet peppers
*Mix all together and stuff into mushroom caps and grill indirect.

Crab stuffed mushrooms and Tatonka Dusted chuck eye steaks grilling indirect with the Vortex for about 45 minutes and getting a little apple smoke.

Then seared the steaks over the Vortex going for a medium rare….

Simply delicious supper!

Thanks for looking!
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Can I come to your house for supper?

I love a good chuck steak.
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Now that's a good looking supper



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It all looks great, but I couldn't help but notice that you're using the "imitation crab".  I've tried that and it's okay, but I prefer the real meat or at least the canned.  The imitation is made from a fish with the same texture as crab with crab flavoring and something about all that just doesn't sit well with me.  Have you ever done the mushrooms with real crab meat?  That's gotta be the bomb, cause they look really great.  The steaks look perfectly cooked too.  I'm stuck in a rut of making steak and baked potato, (it's what I had tonight)  but I'm gonna try the stuffed mushroom next time for a change.  Gotta beat all the starch in the potato.  Thanks for posting and giving me the idea.

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Steak looks great! But fungus stuffed with surimi??? Ughhhh. Don't take offense but that fake crab (aka pollock) is best in pasta salad and the fungus, my wife likes it but not with fake crab, lol!
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Looks delicious to me, If it tastes good to you that's what matters. Actually my wife prefers the imitation crab over the real crab meat, says the crab becomes to mushy when smoked.

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Looks great to me too! With the current price of crab, Krab is about all we can even hope to afford. I kinda like the stuff. I've made Krab cakes and topped them with crumbled bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise. My wife makes an awesome hot Krab dip too. I hope you don't mind me stealing your stuffed mushrooms recipe.
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I made this before with white mushroom (sans cheese). Portabella would add extra flavors. Perfect dish for upcoming Valentine Day.


Costco sells canned least here in Canada. Can't remember the price but I found it affordable.
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good looking beef and mushrooms there MossyMo, looks amazing.:439:

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Looks delicious!  I regularly eat the imitation crab meat as a seafood salad.  I put the icrab, finely chopped celery and 2 heaping tablespoons of light mayo in the mixer and beat it for a minute or two - shreds the icrab thoroughly and mixes it up perfectly, have it on cracker or as a side, sometimes on sloppy joes instead of cole slaw, too!

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We buy Icrab sometimes  not as good as thre real stuff but it's pretty tasty



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