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Did 2-2-1 this weekend with 6 baby back ribs and seems a bit dry not tender. - Page 2

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Well its bit tender but no juicy, when i remove it from the foil after the 2 hours it was. Process was 2-2-1 at 225-235f


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Two questions-

Are you using water in the water pan?

How much brown sugar and honey did you use in the foil?

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Yes water. And how much? Lets say about one tablespoon of honey and the same of sugar each side Maybe just a bit more.The ribs taste really good but im not happy with the tender/juicy part.
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Double check your temp gauge, They looked good, but if dry and real tender, you over cooked a bit. I spritz mine with apple juice when they are not in the foil. when I wrap I use a little apple juice, butter, honey and seasoning.



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Thanks Gary. I have 2 right now on the smoker. Will try to foil for 1 hour and check and see.
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I'll be watching



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2 hours and ready to be foil


Never happen this on the back anyway here is the pic on the back

With honey, apple juice and sugar, dont have butter :(


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I just spray the ribs 2 time in 2 hours, hate to open the smoker with 3 briskets there. Gary, should i open the foil after 1 hour? so i check?. There any way to check the temp of the ribs? i mean i can do it with my thermapen just know it will not accurate readin due the small portion of the meat on the ribs.
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I cooked 6 racks yesterday doing 1-4-1 method. (180 smoke mode -225- 180 smoke mode).  Dry rub only, no spray, no water pan, no foil, no sauce.  They came out moist and tender.  I use a Traeger Texas (pellet) smoker.  I am doing 2 whole chickens today.  Taking advantage of 60 degree February weather in VA.


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Man ya'll are killing me with all these great looking ribs   Good Job   Thumbs UpThumbs Up





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something interesting....at 1 hour the temp of the meat of the ribs are 170-180, some others 190F here is some pics. I remove it and put them without the foil and see what happen. My briskets are with foil and has about 170F so i will not care anymore to open and apply some apple juice to the ribs.







back on the Vault. We will spray apple juice and see what happens in 1 hour.

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Originally Posted by Lsilber View Post

I did 3 slabs of baby backs for super bowl Sunday.

I did them at 225-240 for 3 hours. I sprayed them with half apple cider vinegar/AJ and applied parkay spread butter after hours 1 and 2.

After the 3rd hour I put honey, Brown sugar, butter, and chili sauce on the aluminum foil and put the ribs on them meat side down and slightly wrapped them. I did them for one hour like that.

I then unfoiled them, basted with some bbq sauce, and put them back on for 15-20 min.

They were tender, pull off the bone and delicious.

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Lsilber, these look great. I'm planning on smoking some baby-backs this week, and may try this method. Question... did you cook directly on the rack? And what kind of chili sauce did you use?
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When use the foil i put them meat side up... is that a bad way?
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Here is the result after about 1 hour on the smoker ready to rest and eat. Ley me know what do you thing pitmasters!!




Some apple juice before rest
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Well, how were they? Not much pullback on those bones there. Did you do the toothpick test? I don't think you can get a good read on ribs for temp. Too much bone to throw it off. Ok I get ya, the top pic is most recent or? If those are seperate racks in each picture the bottom ones don't look done to me. Those kind of look like loin backs to me. I do loin backs like st.louis ribs. 2.5-2-1

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Are the same ribs lol well i did 2 racks but both are the same cut
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The pic where you were holding the rack by one end shows a good bend, the best indicator of doneness in ribs IMHO.

It seems to me that your cooking method is OK, although I use more brown sugar and bbq sauce rather than honey, this gives me a good amount of braising liquid in the foil. I usually get 3/8 to 1/2 cup of liquid.


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Nice !!  Looks good



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thanks guys, i guess i will improve time to time my ribs.  Seems the 2-1-1 its the way to go, will try different things on the foil step, add more honey, sugar or bbq sauce, dont know

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