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Snack Sticks

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I finally made some sticks that I'm proud of.  Read many posts here that helped with the process.

5lbs 80/20 beef and 1 lb pork and the spices

130* for 1 1/2hr no smoke then smoke for 3 hrs 10* increase every hr up to 180*

Thanks for the help members!

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Looks good, what recipe did u go with?
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Hi Mountain Pepperoni snack sticks, but I added 1 tablespoon of my home grown and dehydrated habanero/Serrano/jalapeño blend.  Next time I will probably add 2 tablespoons or just add habanero dust.  I like them hot. 

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Those look good, getting ready to send them out ?




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Nice sticks lips.................Thumbs Up..

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Nice job on the sticks, I would drive out to pick some up, but I know they would be gone.

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Good Job  thumb1.gif




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Lips great job!!! only 5lbs they will be gone before you know it LOL 


Glad you had a great  time doing them, we will be looking for more in the future


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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these look great... icon14.gif

what size casings ??
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They do look GREAT! I like the spicy idea.

Happy smoken.


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Dang, I'm like a kid in a candy store, I want it all  Don't know what I'll be trying next,



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Those look great
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