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Superbowl Super smoke!

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First here's a pic of my new mailbox mod:



I'm cold smoking some jumbo brats, they'll be finished on the grill later



I also have wings smoked for about an hour,  dust with rub, finished on the grill



Next is abts, filled with cream cheese & monteray jack, dusted with rub and covered with half slice of bacon.

I microwaved bacon for 2 min. first, hopefully it will be crispy when done.



Stay tuned for final pics!

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okay, got the photos fixed. sorry!


Here's dinner: wings, brat, ABTs chili & homemade ginger ale.

ABTs were great, crispy bacon & good smoke.

Wings were okay, tried a bottled sauce that wasn't great. Otherwise a successful smoke.

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Nice job, It all looks good 



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good looking smoke, i use ti own one of those masterbuild smokers, there good electric smokers.:pot:

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