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Wings - pre game test trial!!!!

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I've been working on a recipe for smoked wings since the summer and finally I have one that I really like.


I start off with fresh wings in a bowl, I had olive oil and some rub (I'm using one called bbq seasoning).


onto cookie sheets that have been sprayed with Pam on both sides...then straight into the smoker at 275 for 1hr with smoke


Remove smoke and flip wings over, back into the smoker for another 30min...if not crispy enough..i crank the heat to 350.


I find that 1hr of smoke is just right....for me.


When nice and crispy...I put them in  bowl with my sauce and shake it up!


sauce recipe

1cup of sweet baby ray honey

1/2 Franks hot wing sauce

1/4 maple syrop

3 tbs of brown sugar.


Enjoy....4 more loads going in thru out the day!




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Wings look tasty! Nice smoke!
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