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Where Do You Put Your Igrill 2

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My wife surprised me with an igrill2 yahoo.gif The instruction say not to attach it to a hot surface. I use a WSM and am curios where other WSM user with an igrill2 put the unit.
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Was wondering the same thing. Did you put it on the side of your wsm?
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When cooking at lower temps (225 or lower) I attach directly to the smoker. My propane grill is right next to the smoker, so if using higher temps I attach it to the grill. I prefer to attach it to the smoker so I can see it from my back door here I can see the display from the kitchen without having to pick up my phone if my hands are dirty.
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Here is my setup.
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Here's mine.  I just got a DigiQ DX2 so it's not in the picture...yet.  ; ' )


The red unit is a Maverick ET-733 and the white one is another meat temp probe setup.


I'm not sure where I acquired the metal stand.  I think it's from an old fan set up or something like it.


FWIW, the bottom section is bolted to the dolly.



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Lol. Same idea different execution.. good job
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