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1st Boston Butt for Super Bowl w/ pics (Running Commentary)

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On Friday evening I purchased a 6 lb. Boston Butt from Publix.  After washing it I slathered it with mustard and proceeded to coat it thoroughly with my rub.  I then wrapped it with cling wrap and placed it in the fridge to let the rub go to work.  Saturday evening around 8:45pm I fired up my smoker and began warming it up to 220.  Around 9:00pm I took the Butt out of the fridge and removed the cling wrap (photo below).  I then placed the Butt in the smoker at 10:00pm and I'm hoping to have some tasty pork tomorrow afternoon for the Super Bowl.  


I will update this thread throughout the night (hopefully with more pics) I'm certainly open to any suggestions from the group.  I have also made a finishing sauce which is now in my fridge so the flavors can meld together.





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I should give a shout out to Bearcarver whose post from 4/24/13 I am loosely following.  I have been reading the forums for a while now and just started smoking last summer after the July 4th holiday.  Before tonight I've only smoked ribs which I think I have gotten quite good at.  I'm hoping the pork turns out great.  


Here is a link to Bearcarvers original post


The finishing sauce I made was the one posted by SoFlaQuer on 01/10/06.  The original post can be found here:

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That's gonna be tasty man, I've got a butt on as I type.... Been on for 13 1/2 hrs... Almost done !
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Here is what the pork looks like at the 3 hour mark.  The pic isn't the best but I didn't want to leave the smoker open for any length of time.


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Lookin good ! icon14.gif
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Thanks WaterinHole Brew!  I hope your pork turns out fantastic! 

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Thanks, hope yours turns out great as well ! icon14.gif Butts are a long smoke, but they are worth it !
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After 5 1/2 hours the pork is reading an internal temp of 152.  I think it's looking pretty good so far and would like to hear what anyone thinks.  Below is the only photo I took:


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Looks awesome ! icon14.gif

Just pulled mine, 16 hr smoke !
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:sausage:  WaterinHole - You're making me hungry!!!  If mine goes for 16 hours it will come off around 2:00pm CST.  After giving it time to rest that would be just about perfect for the game tomorrow; well I guess I should've said today.  

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Haha, it is Super Bowl Sunday ! icon14.gif

It was an 8.5 lb butt & yes it did take 16 hrs. I would post a pic but don't wanna intrude on your thread ! How's yours coming ? Ya hit the stall yet ?
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WE that looks good so far. I like the way the rub was applied nice light coat.

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Yes I have - it's at 159 and just siting.  I'm going to try and just wait it out.  I did raise the temp to 230 to try and jumpstart it a little bit.

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Thank you - hoping it's going to taste good in several hours.  I'm going to try and catch me a quick nap now.

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Once the Butt hit 164 I put it down into the foil pan and added about 6 oz of Apple Juice to the drippings that had already collected in there.  I forgot to take a photo before I wrapped it so you know I need a nap.  I'm going to try and catch a quick cat nap and will be back in an hour or two.

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Looks good. I just put my on about 30 mins ago
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The internal temp on the pork is now 202.3. I have turned the heat on the smoker down to 100 and am going to let you the internal temp continue to rise until it reaches 206 or so. How long should I let the Butt rest before I remove the bone and start pulling the pork?
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I would rest that about an hr and it may still be to hot to pull.

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Thanks Tropics I appreciate it.
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It looks good so far. Keep the pics coming.

Happy smoken.


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