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Birthday Fattie

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My 16 year old son wanted to have his birthday celebration over brunch on Sunday morning.  I figured it this called for making a fattie that would go good with eggs and biscuits.


Started with the 1 lb breakfast sausage, stuffed it with spinach, garlic, onion, red pepper, black pepper, and provolone cheese, wrapped in 1 lb of bacon.....of course.  Did 3 of those




Smoked on my CharGrill pellet smoker for 2.5 hours until they were all 160-165F.   


They are not resting.  Will slice tomorrow morning and throw in a skillet to warm the up and sear them on each side.  




This will go great with my over easy eggs, coffee, and biscuit.


Then a nap

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Looks great I could see a nice biscuit Sammie served as well.
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