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COLD smoked bacon

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Sorry no prep pictures on this one. I did another 5# piece of belly. It went into Pop's brine on 1/16, took it out last night and put it in front of a fan for 2 hours on a rack to form a pellicle, then back into the fridge on a rack until this morning.

Got up at 530am today to a "chilly" -1° here in God's Country. Too cold to use the WSM and AMNPS alone. So.... I broke out the MES, set it to 100° and let it warm up. Filled the AMNPS with pecan pellets and lit it (note: I can't believe I got it lit in the gale force winds).

Put the soon-to-be bacon in the smoker at 630am and set off on my travels for the day. Came back at 330pm to an empty AMNPS and a few last puffs of TBS. Pulled the bacon and left it on the rack to relax for a bit. I'll wrap it in plastic wrap until tomorrow when I slice it.

Only one Q-View on this one, I'll post sliced pics tomorrow:

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Looks good I'll be watching.

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