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Cured / Brined Chicken Smoke!

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I picked up 4 whole birds last weekend. I put the birds 2 per bag) into 2.5 gallon zip locks. I poured a gallon of Pop's brine in each bag. They went into the fridge on Monday night.
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This morning, i took the chickens out of the fridge, drained them and rinsed them well. I dryed them with paper towels and let them sit at room temp for a half an hour. I then coated the birds in yellow mustard and applied Bubba Chix rub, minus the allspice (didn't have any). My dad brought over a wild turkey that he brined, but I have no clue what he used, so I will just comment on the chickens. Into the smoker at 9:30 this morning. Using hickory and keeping it around 230 until the IT hits 165. As I used cure on these birds, they should have a hammy taste. Looking forward to the results, which I will gladly share.

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It looks good. I like a cured bird.

Happy smoken.


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Just pulled them out. Wow. Falling apart and the best smoked chicken I have had. I will never not cure again. Love the ham taste and texture. Will be having one for dinner with some cornbread!

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They look great I've had Turkey that was cured before, it also tasted more like Ham.

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Nice looking birds,  good job



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Looks like some tasty birds!
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Thanks. I cant stop sneaking bites. I put one and a half in the fridge for dinner and vac sealed the rest.
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