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Looks great  Nice !!!



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Originally Posted by house66 View Post

We'll it fell apart and the bone came off clean, but it is dry. Definitely was done sooner than when I pulled it off.

I added in some apple juice and vinegar mix plus some bbq sauce, but I am thinking something in my set-up is flawed. I wonder if my digital thermoter is not right.

It was probably ready in the morning.

Oh well, first try on this smoker. I'll keep trying.

Looks Good, except for a little dry.:drool


Check those probes out in a pot of boiling water.


Should be 212° unless you're at a higher altitude.



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Well, I checked out my temps.

Probe in boiling water was at 210, so a couple of degrees low, but pretty accurate.

But the oven, at 300, the probe read at 288, but then it dipped as low as 263, then it turned on again and went back up to 288. I am only guessing, but I assume that the idea is supposed to be that it heats up to over 300 (maybe 310) and then slowly drops until it gets to 285 and then kicks in and does it all over again.

If that is the right idea, then it is running a full 22 degrees too low. That would mean when I had it at 225, it was actuall set at about 203. Add to that the probe was 2 degrees low, and I was likely running at 201. Way too low.

I am going again for march madness and I will take all of this into account which should result In a much shorter cook time, and hopefully juicier finished product.

Thanks for the tip Bearcarver. Big help.
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