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Cut ribs

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I am sure I should know this but....I recently bought some ribs from a friend that raises hogs, when he delivered them they had been cut into individual ribs(no longer a full rack). When smoking whole racks I use the 3-2-1 method. Should I alter cooking method for individual ribs? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Sounds like a crime has been committed!👮
The only way I have cooked single bones is to wrap them in bacon and there always done when the bacon is.
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I just grill them a little hotter. Not as good as a whole rack IMHO.

Happy smoken.


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Guess I'll try grilling them. Never had a lot of luck grilling ribs but it's worth a shot.
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Grilling will work, but you can smoke them, just pay attention to pull back and time I did all this a while back you can see Counter Style

Ribs in there  The are individual   Smoked just fine










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Smoke them for an hour maybe and put them in foil with some apple juice of other liquid. Eat when toothpick tender. That is what I do with country style ribs bone in. Should work the same. Like the mule said, don't expect them to be like a whole rack would be.

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never smoked the split ribs before, but the grilling wrapped in bacon sounds good, bacon makes everything better.:banana_smiley:

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