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Any answers to this. Has anyone ever used goetta instead of sausage? Just askin.
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It is your fatty and you can use what ever you want. I checked the :rules:.

Happy smoken.


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Hot dog!😄
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Post some pic's as you go



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I will... When I get the nerve to try it😂
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Goetta...I didn't think anybody but me and folks from Cincinnati knew what goetta was.

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Well... I'm from CVG too😆 Queen City Goetta.
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Never even thought to try it...but I just might have to. If you get to it before me, let me know how it goes. 


On a Cincinnati note...I did a Skyline fatty many years ago that turned out great!

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What is it? Midwest boy.

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What's what...Dave?
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Originally Posted by fr8dog View Post

What's what...Dave?


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Originally Posted by dave17a View Post

It's like sausage... but full good fat😄😨
goetta Cincinnati sausage.

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