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Which Dehydrator to get

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I have used my little round plastic 5 tray dehydrator for several years and am going to treat myself to a nice shiny new one. I have basically narrowed it down to 2 from Cabelas but am still giving some thought to the LEM stainless one.


For those of you who have used any of these.....what are your opinions. I am comfortable with the cost of any of them so that is not the issue. I want the best one I can get.


Cabelas 80L


Cabelas 10 tray digital


Lem Stainless Steel 10 tray


Any input is welcome.



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Last fall I bought a LEM 10 tray model (not the stainless, but their other one with the plastic housing).  It's well made and I have used my thermopen to check the different tray levels and it appears to heat evenly.  I can get 160* out of mine according to the thermopen.  I got mine from Gander Mountain for $109. They do not appear to be stocking the 5 tray and 10 tray model online any more, but my local store had quite a few of both last week.  I guess they are selling out the existing stock and changing models.  They were $119 for the 10 tray and $89 for the 5 tray in my local store.  If you have one nearby, it's a decent dehydrator especially for that price.   I've used mine 4 or 5 times and have absolutely no complaints and would recommend it.

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I have use/recommend the cabelas 80l. Awesome heavy duty machine that holds a lot of meat in one run.
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