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Question on high temp cheese

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Hi all, I am looking at some more supplies from TSM and was just shy of the  free shipping limit. I want to add some high temp cheese to get me over the top BUT don't want to use the cheese for any sausage in the immediate future. Does anyone have experience storing this cheese for 3-2 months w/out drying out or getting moldy ? Thanks, CM

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Yes. I have delt with high temp cheese for a while.....You will need to vacuum seal the cheese and freeze it. Dont place it in a bag then freeze. it will dry out and form ice crystals quickly. I had forgotten 2 lbs of cheese in the freezer and within 2 months it was freezer burned and had to chuck it. Vacuum seal the cheese and freeze. I usually pack them in 2 lb batches.... When its time to use, thaw then open the package and break up the cheese squares and your good to go..

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It should come vacuum sealed. So you can keep in the fridge for a long time.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks guys, I'll buy it and see how its' packaged before proceeded with storage plans.

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Butcher & packer and Cabela's don't vacuum seal their cheeses. Butcher and packer has the best price when buying in bulk at $44 for 10 lbs. Unfortunately they are currently out of stock with the high temp cheddar but have other flavors. For the first time I used some store bought block cheese for $4/lb and cut it up into small 1/4 squares and it did OK. I'll have to see what happens when the sausage gets grilled. I would recommend using it in summer sausage as it doesn't get grilled. You will need a good cheese knife to cut up. I used my wife's Cutco knife which she cherrishes more than


This is the knife... Its awesome. best knife I ever used for anything


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Vacuum pack and freeze., I have had it last a year with no problem.

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Thanks for all the info, I have used regular cubed cheese in  a garlic/provolone sausage but sometimes it got to hot on the grill and had a meltdown. I will buy the high temp and vac seal /freeze. I wonder what kind of chemical is keeping the high temp cheese from melting?:icon_eek: :icon_biggrin:

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