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finaly got a smoker

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Ok a few weeks a go I came home and told my wife I will be right back and walked out our driveway she yelled where are you going I called back saying the guy down the street is giving me a smoker. she was confused as to what trash I was going to bring home today

after about 1/2 hr dragging it back home she said she was not eating anything out of it until it is well cleaned here is the results I have been fallowing this site waiting for my chance to start smoking





what I drug home and after using a wire wheel and a can of high temp BBQ pain here is what I have now


Free smoker and $5 dollars in paint also yes the inside is clean too


I am happy and can not wait to try my hand at smoking

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Great score!  That looks like one of the older New Braunfels uprights.  It should do a great job for you!


I'd spray the inside with Pam and then build a 250-400° fire in the box to cure it.  Then I'd have to cook something!


You did a great restore on it as well!

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Nice job on the refurbishing Kevin. Now get some smoke going and season it.

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Thank you and you are right it is a  New Braunfels need to still get a new temperature probe for it and I have not heard spray the in side I was told to spray the out side once it was hot to cure the paint so I should spray the inside cold ?

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Spray or wipe it down with some cooking oil

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Nice work man!! enjoy it. 

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I'm jealous... these are excellent smokers... I'm not a big fan of PAM ... I would use veggy oil.. all over the whole smoker.. inside and out... fire it up and let it run for a few hrs or more... The firebox also acts as a grill when you just want to grill some steaks or burgers...
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Dude score!! Man you could put a lot of racks in there and make a ton of jerky!!
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