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New Rec Tec

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Got a new Rec Tec a few weeks ago and wondering if anyone is having this issue. I set the temperature on the grill to 350. Come back later and it shows the temp has reached 350. Check the temp on the inside of the grill and it is 280. I have to raise the temp up to 425 to get an actual grill temp of 350. Love the grill, but very frustrated.

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Tiger, call Rec Tec and I promise they will help you.  I've had my Rec Tec going on 2 years and my temps are nearly exact according to my Maverick.  Rec Tec's service is second to none and they will make you happy.  You're sure your secondary thermometer is working properly?  I am sure Rec Tec is going to ask.



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Thanks for the reply Richard. Yes. I have a maverick and a cheap walmart oven thermometer and they are both 50-75 degrees cooler than where the Rec Tec is set. I called them before and they gave me a couple of things to try that didn't help. I will call again.

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They will do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied.  I am surprised your Maverick is that far off.  I have a maverick and it is only off about 4 degrees.



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Hey Tiger, congrats on that new Rec Tec! Sorry to hear you having some temp issues, but agree 100% with Richard...the guys at RT will work hard to get you fixed up and satisfied.

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