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10lbs of Pepperoni Sticks

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Well, didn't do enough last weekend and it was so nice here I thought I better do another 10lbs and use up some of the seasonings I have in the Fridge. 


First we need a good clean space for stuffing - This is my one bench in my shop, the marks on the paper is how long I want each stick. good for vac packing later on. (far mark was a mistake :wife:



Haven't tried this one yet, wanted a pepperoni stick like the store bought flavor and they said this would be it. We will see. I also wanted to add some heat. 



5lbs of 80/20beef and 5 lbs of Pork butt, - I am hoping this is not going to be tooooo fatty. 



Had to add some extra, no measure, just eye ball it. 






After about 5 min or so of mixing I can see the cure is working, few more min and then to the stuffing of them. 



Stuffing is done. My middle kid helped me and start to finish and clean up only took us about 45min for all. 



The mahogany casings are 21MM and I did not want to start another one and I had a 19MM clear in the fridge so I used a portion of that one 




Now off to the fridge for a nice nap for the night. 



These ones I made 36" long, I will cut them in 6" Pieces and vac pac when they are done. 


 Done!!  The lower rack on the far left is the 19MM they got some good smoke on them. 



These took about 9hrs to come up to 152*IT I started out at 130 for 1 1/2hrs No smoke then added smoke and bumped up temp 10* each hr till smoker got to 170 and kept it there. 


I will let you know how they come out tonight when I get home, Also have a new and improved fridge holder I will have to show. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker - Thanks for looking. 



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Looks awesome.


I want to try pepperoni next.

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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Looks awesome.


I want to try pepperoni next.

What he said.

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Man, that stuff looks great, I like it all



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DS they look good to me

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That looks like a good deal on the spice blend... I can't find anything here!

I also need something that I can control temps that low with! I was messing with my alto-shaam at work last nite and I could do it in there but there'd be no smoke...

Looking forward to how your sticks taste!
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DS, They look great ! :points:

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Awesome thread DS, nice job on them sticks !


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Still waiting for you to send me mine,  WaterinHole is right thought    points1.png




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these were spot on as far as flavor goes i would definitely be doing these again, came out with some nice colour also.

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Those do look pretty Yummy 



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Looks tasty here, nice job.
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Thanks everyone, like I said these are really good and spot on!!!


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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DS, great looking sticks.  Looks like the texture was good too!




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Terrific, Stick!


However, with that much pepperoni you may overeat and affect your health. Let me take some off your hands for medicinal reasons.





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I'm with Disco, we are all worried about your health, send me a couple of pounds



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Thanks again everyone, yep they are great, last couple of pics before I vac seal them up tonight. New rack system for my 2nd beer fridge. (Wasn't full of beer this time around URRRRRRGGGGGH!!)



Dang kids water bottles LOL 



Worked out perfectly 



Bloomed for 4 days now vac pac'd 


Again thanks for all the compliments hopefully more in about 2 weeks. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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I thougt I was the only one with 2 beer fridges.

I really gotta try this. I think I need a smaller tube thou.
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I'd be happy with one beer fridge!
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Farmer actually 3 beer fridges but tell the wife 3rd is for pop,,,,,it's empty of pop!!! lol
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