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Stuffing ?

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If I wanted to mix a batch of pepperoni or summer sausage on a wed or Thursday and stuff into casings would it be ok to sit in the fridge if I wasn't ready to smoke it till Saturday or Sunday what is the longest you would let it sit in the fridge stuffed this is with using Prague #1?
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If it is cured you will be fine. If it was over a week I would probably freeze but I don't think it is really necessary, The cure gives you lot's more options.

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A couple days in the refer not wrapped is fine...   It allows for flavors to "bloom" and the cure to work...  the cure in ground meat has done it's job in 12 hours or so...  There's not much point in letting it sit too long...  Smoke as soon as you can get to it...    Make sure the casing is dry... hang in the smoker with no smoke at low temps to dry, add smoke for however long you want smoke to penetrate the meat then raise the temp to cook...  I like to cook sausage at 140-150 ish for up to 24 hours so it doesn't fat out and create a product that resembles sawdust....

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I agree that 2-3 days unwrapped will do it some good .

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A few days shouldn't hurt. Just make sure you dry them good before smoking.

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