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smoke time allowed

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i have a MES30 and have a question. is there a point that adding chips doesn't help.  i think i read somewhere after the first hour or so that smoke from adding chips don't really help much. someone please straighten me out on this subject. thanks

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I usually add smoke for the entire cook, but I have read after four hours very little flavor difference.  But as I said, I add smoke the entire smoke.



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I smoke the whole time. It will get more flavor the longer it is in the smoke. Keep track of how much chips you use so you can adjust in the future.

Happy smoken.


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Depends on if you want a good smokey flavor or just a hint of smoke flavor. I use smoke all the way through the cooking process
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It's a SMOKER! If there is meat in it, add chips, if you want light smoke go 3-4 hours and move to the Oven. The MYTH that meat does not take smoke flavor after X hours, most claim 4. is BS... Have fun...JJ

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