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Howdy Pellet Smokers

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Thought I'd say hello,



I have a MES 40 1st Gen and do sausage as often as I can, frequent the sausage forum, but I also own a Memphis Elite Grill and love it. I had a Traeger Lil Tex prior to this for about 6 years.  Upgraded to a Memphis Advantage then the Memphis Elite.  Been fantastic, I do a lot of ribs and pork butts, brisket you name it.  One of the family favorites is the pizza I do. From scratch dough using caputo flour and high temp. My Elite goes from 180-700 and has a grilling mode too. Here are some pics from stuff I have done, also have 2 pork butts on now will try to get pics later. Put them on at 10 PM at 185 degrees. Will check in the morning at about 5 AM.





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Nice smoker & great lookin grub ! icon14.gif I have a GMG & really like it !
Look forward to seeing pics of your current smoke !
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Hi Lothar...looks great! I'm envious of those Memphis rigs...if money were no object, I'd definitely own an Elite, or perhaps a Pro, as I usually only cook for two. Sadly I doubt I'll ever be able to justify spending $4K+ on a grill...but they sure are nice rigs! icon14.gif

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Yeah I found this one on CL for sale at a smaller bbq store. It was cheap as they were bringing in the newest model. Had to do some major begging and promising to the wife. I sold my Traeger Lil' Tex and my Memphis Advantage to help pay for it. Best decision ever.
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