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Saturday Smoke w/ QVIEW

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Decided to smoke some chicken breast fattie style...or I guess more like cordon bleu style. First time giving this a go.

Thin cut chicken breast, franks hot sauce, garlic powder, shredded parmesan, blue cheese crumbles, crumbled bacon, rolled in a bacon weave.

I also thought tried a stuffed burger (first time) this one a HAMburger.

With bacon and pepperoni marinara mozzarella.

Tried smoking with dry hickory chips and a few peach chunks. It was smoking heavy white smoke so I pulled out the chips and left the peach chunks in. Smoke thinned out quite a bit after that.

Burgers about done.

Chicken fattie cordon bleu finished.

Tasty Saturday!
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Never seen that done Dave but it looks great. Points for creativity there!:points:

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Thx Red Dog! It was fun.
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:drool: It all looks GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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Wow !!!  you hit that one out of the park     Good Job




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