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my best ribs yet!

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Smoked a couple racks of St. Louis style ribs today. Rubbed with mustard and coated with rub which is a couple commercial rubs mixed together I like to use and smoked with cherry using the 3-2-1 method

This time i made a glaze from the juice that was in the foil, Apple cider, molasses, brown sugar and man let me tell Ya it was excellent!! By the time I glazed them and got my phone for a pic a rack was already gone LOL
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One rack already gone, I can understand why, they looking mighty fine. CF

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Them look great chile! I could put a serious dent in one of those racks.:drool:

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:drool: WOW! That looks good with nice pull back from the bone.

Happy smoken.


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Nice looking ribs, you sure did a good job



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Thanks guys! I really liked the sweet glaze vs bbq sauce just something a lil different I guess. I would like to try and get a stronger Apple flavor from the glaze maybe next time I'll try using a apple juice concentrate in it instead of cider.
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OMG weres my poli grip Nice job on them.


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Sure enough looks like your getting the hang of them.  :drool

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Looks awesome. Man that cherry really does put some beautiful color on meat.

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I'm with timberjet, that color is awesome 



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