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smoke generators

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I'm looking to upgrade my smoke generator. I currently use a smoke pistol, just curious if anyone has experience with Smokai or other generators that use wood pellets. Any advice would be welcome.
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What kind of smoker do you have Sarge?

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AMNPS or AMNTS they both work GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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Just got my AMNPS yesterday, used it today



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I made my smoker out of a catering oven. Heat is produced from an digitally controlled element 0-250 degrees. I mounted the smoke pistol outside the oven so I can cold smoke, but it can require babysitting. I am looking for a better generator to provide smoke not heat.
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Go to and check out the products available.  Also check out "mailbox mods" on here.  These can be used for both hot and cold smoking.  Use the Search bar at the top of the page.

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