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Smoking Whole Chickens

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Today I am planning on smoking a couple of whole chickens on a Char-Griller Smoking-pro. I am planning on brining them for a couple of hours, rubbing them, then throwing them on the smoker using crabapple for 4-6 hours at 300*. Does this sound good? I've never done whole chickens, just breasts and thighs, so I'm a little nervouse. Any help would be great.



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After 4-6 hours at 300 you'll have chicken jerky. Go by internal temp and take them to 165, shouldn't take more than a couple hours.
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I like 325-350 when I cook chickens on my kettle. They should only take a couple hours at most at that temp range depending on the size. 300 will work fine but crispy skin will be difficult. My chickens seem to cook quicker when I brine.
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Yep no more than two hours.  Use your thermometer 165 internal temp is done. 

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All right two hours, much easier then. I've got a probe thermometer and would have realized that quickly.
Will post pics,
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well, the birds are on, pit is staying around 250*, cause there was a special on ribs , so I got some spares and am smoking them too.
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They will be fine. If you want crispy skin throw them on a grill at the end. I suggest going easy on smoke though. Poultry really picks it up.
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They should be good. Keep track of how long it takes for the next round.

Happy smoken.


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I forgot to post pics. The chicken was perfect, took close to 3 hrs because of lower temperature, the ribs were a little tough, but I should have left them on longer. Anyway here:
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Yeah, the color is nice but look like they needed a little longer I really didn't see any meat pulling back from the bone



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