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Crawfish and pork sausage ideas??

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Hey guys anybody have a good smoked crawfish and pork sausage recipe they would like to share?
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I don't try the search bar.

Happy smoken.


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Crawfish boudin!! Don't have a recipe but I'd just add cooked crawfish tails to a standard boudin recipe in place of the liver. I've seen it made with all seafood, but you said you wanted pork and crayfish. I'd also save the water from boiling the crawfish to use for making the rice.
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Were it me, I would drop the pork out. If you are doing crawfish the pork only dilutes it.


Next I would grind 1/2 the crawfish and leave the other 1/2 whole. it better distributes the taste as well as leaving the proper texture to ensure you know what you are eating.


Don't go over board with the flavor. K.I.S.S. Crawfish I assume have been boiled in your favorite seafood boil then peeled, some green onion tops, and maybe a bit of butter, with a dash of Tony's.


Make regular Boudin out of the pork. Or sausage..>LOL


As soon as the spring crawfish get in, I have an idea on this line I am wanting to try. So, I'll be watching you for sure.

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