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UDS exhaust

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HEY GUYS. I am trying to figure out what I can use for my UDS exhuast stack. I am trying to keep it lightweight, functional, and of course SAFE. I am using a drum flat lid that has 3  2inch bungs. I am guessing I will only need 1 and plug the others. Any ideas on materials? What have you used? 

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I have seen guys use exhaust pipe tips like you put on your car to dress up the end of the exhaust.

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I have a Weber lid but a piece of 2" black iron pipe will screw right in. I would use a 6" piece.

Happy smoken.


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I use a 4 inch piece of 2 inch black pipe on my flat lid. I got 4 locking levers to hold down lid. Works flawlessly, I had to make a doghouse to sit on top for windy smokes.
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