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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post

Well I can't let Case get ahead of me!

So cure, OJ and salt....... Thats pretty complicated.

Foam, whole muscle curing is so easy especially with these bags.
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Originally Posted by rgautheir20420 View Post

Foam, whole muscle curing is so easy especially with these bags.

Yeah, but I don't have a vac-pump, and its been 15 to 20 years since I smoked Camels and could draw a suction like that. <Chuckles>


Vac-seal is my next investment, maybe my birthday, more likely Christmas. Good ones like everything else are dang 'spensive! Speaking of that, long ago someone told me that vac sealing was more about the bags than the equip. How do you feel about that?


They said that the best equip can't help bad bags. So are you better off to buy mid range equip and buy  stock in the bag company?

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Well they all do the same thing. The one I've got is an older model and a friend actually bought it for me for cheap (He didn't tell me how much but I'm guessing around $10) at a Goodwill store. I share lots of sausage goodies with him, so he repaid the favor :yahoo:


But, it's true that the bags are the most important part. You can get a decent sealer for $40 from Amazon really. The bags are on the pricier side, but well worth. However, if you buy the correct UMAI bags, you don't need a vac sealer. For instance, I've got the 50mm bags, and you use zip ties to seal the bags for salami and stuff. They have smaller Charcuterie bags also that would probably fit the loin a little more snug, but I didn't realize it.

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What temp range do you need to keep the refer at when using the bags? Normal operating temps or something else? With the citrus in there all I can think about is Cuban Sandwiches and Pernil Pork!

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The UMAI bags are made to function at normal fridge temps. 

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2/3 1713 gram

2/9: 1573 grams - 140 grams lost (8%)

2/16 1458 grams - 255 grams lost (14.9%)



Next weeks update I'll take a picture of the back of the loin. It's bright pink and beautiful.

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Looks great. Shooting for 30%?
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Looking great, I'll be watching



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Watching till the end.

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Originally Posted by atomicsmoke View Post

Looks great. Shooting for 30%?


From what I've read most shoot for 30% on these. I guess I'll go by feel, but this doesn't have to get nearly as dry as a salami. It'll be a game time decision I think....depending on if I can hold off any longer.

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Patience grasshopper, patience..... the greater the rewards the longer the wait.


Go play cards with Gary S he's waiting on cheese......

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