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i have never once foiled butt.

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I ended up wrapping it. With the weather outside keeping my smoker a bit on the low side, i wanted some insurance... smokers at 225 now, porks at 176 still

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Forgot to take a photo of both, but here they are on the smoker:


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Nice Smoke   looks good



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This is by far the most tastiest thing I've ever cooked in my life... here is one of the butts after an hour and a half rest (the other one just came off smoker). Total time on smoker was about 22 hours. Next time I'm going to smoke it at a higher temp to help it get through the stall phase. I maintained about 210-230 the entire night. Wrapped it when it hit the 2nd stall around 178




It was like melted butter as I pulled it apart... as I took the string off it just fell apart

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dumb semi-newbie question, but is 22 hours a bit longer than usual? 

I am cooking two (I'm guessing they will be about 8 lbs each) on a 22.5 WSM next weekend.  I was thinking more like 12-16 hours, 22 seems long.  but I am pretty new to this

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Congrats !!!    Nice that it turned out so well       Good Job




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They say between 1 and 1 1/2 hours per pound.

I had 2 8 lbers so I shoulda been around 12 hours... so yeah double the time it shoulda taken.


My issues were temperature... it snowed/rained last night and my temps kept dropping to about 210-225, so I was low the entire time. I also used water in my pan, which eats up a lot of energy (i prefer it, longer cooks, but constant temps).


You cook it, till its done. Sometimes it's 12 hours sometimes 20 hours... I was 17 hours last time, 22 this time. Next time I'm going to aim for more of a 250 constant temp to help it through the stall... the stall killed me, but at the same time, it made it NICE and tender due to the long cook time.


It's smoking, the longer you smoke it the more it just falls apart :)

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cool.  I have done one so far but I had to foil it because I had hungry kids waiting, about an 8 lb. that took ~ 13 hours.  I was wondering if doing two would change the time that dramatically.  ps here is the link to the one I did


Smoking two for a super bowl bash next week, I most likely will err on the side of starting early about 9-10pm the night before, and aiming for a 2-3pm completion then I can wrap and keep warm in cooler.  If I get too far behind I can always finish up in oven but my goal is not too.


looks like yours turned out amazing despite the weather issues etc.

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I started at 7:30pm yesterday, didn't finish pulling both until JUST NOW (or an hour ago for the other)... so keep that in mind... a lot can affect it, the meat, the weather, etc...


If you want it for superbowl, do it a week before and freeze it.


Yeah both came out good. I used two different rubs and im glad I did, as i found the rub i really like. The one I used last week was a bit on the milder style, not too sweet. I used the leftovers of that today. The 2nd rub is more sweeter and it was REALLY good. I like that one a LOT, so much I dont even want to eat the other pork, lol.


But I have about 15lbs of pulled pork now. I did some trimming ahead of time so theres not much fat left to take out. I only took out a few pieces of fat I found, the rest is just, GONE.

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adam, one was foiled, the other not? any difference?


i just put a butt on in my new mes with the maze. using temps in the 140s til the morn.

gotta say, the mes is holding steady n with the maze. i don't think i'll have to go outside til after my morning coffee.

i love having the maze n the maverick.

smoking overnight with the traeger meant going outside every 2 hours.

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No both were foiled... just one stayed on a bit longer...

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It looks like you nailed it. I am just gonna say after all the butts I have smoked you should plan for 2 hours a pound with a buffer of 2 hours as well. Better to be done early than have to order pizza.

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hahaha. good thinking timber. i had to whip up some noodles for supper cause mine wasn't done.

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Originally Posted by susieqz View Post

hahaha. good thinking timber. i had to whip up some noodles for supper cause mine wasn't done.

Dang suze. That's no bueno. I am just getting my smoker up to temp now. Gonna be a late supper for me. Teriaki chicken.

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I brought in about 2 lbs of the pulled pork to work today. I kid you not it lasted maybe 2 minutes... once everybody smelled it and a few guys started coming into the kitchen, in a matter of minutes it was all gone. My boss came in about 30 minutes after we had finished it off looking for some (because I had told him I was bringing it in)... but it was LONGGGGGGGG gone.


They really enjoyed it. I think next time I'll just bring in a whole pork butt for the office, it goes QUICK.

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You are the new designated cook, Pulled pork gets everybody's attention   Get everybody to chip in and smoke a couple 





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