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I only put one picture on at atime, never attempted 4 at once. You need to explain what you post anyway.


As a moderator they will probably know.

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Just paste the link, hit enter and paste another link, ect, ect.
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Thanks gents.  I did it from my phone (where the pics were), maybe I just need to spend a little more time figuring it out.  To CF's point though, they were all just finished product so pretty self-explanatory...or maybe I should limit my finish product pics?  Regardless, I'm getting the hang of the forum.  Look for a new post shortly on a twice smoked spiral I just finished smoking in the last five minutes.  It's resting but looks phenomenal and smells like hammy heaven.  More to come on both fronts my smoking fiends....

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Do you use photo bucket?

We like all pics. Pre smoke, smoking pics and after pics.
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Don't know what photo bucket is.  I take all pics on my iphone, assuming I remember to take them at every step, which I'm working on.

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Photobucket is a online place to keep your pics
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Nice !!!




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Here's the sliced finished product. Center loin on the top, tenderloin on the bottom, cured all the way through. Had to take off the bone as I didn't have the tools to cut bone-in smoked chops so CB it is. Next time I'll prob do a rib roast so I can cut individually.
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That is some good looking stuff! The pink is really beautiful!

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Nice color, looks great



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