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Hillbilly, did you do those ribs on the CG, or an electric set it and forget it, smoker? 


If on the CG,  then yeah .....  idiotic, would be an appropriate description.  LOL

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The ribs were done on the masterbuilt. The CG would have been really idiotic!
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Bought 36 pounds of pork butt for $1.59 a pound yesterday Stan! Best price I've seen in a long while. I'm only making 25 pounds of kielbasa but at $1.59 I figured I'd buy the 11 pound butt to make some pulled pork in the near future. Maybe a Bon fire at the ranch when it warms up a bit. Now I Just need to get some casing and I'm ready!
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Originally Posted by hillbillyrkstr View Post

The ribs were done on the masterbuilt. The CG would have been really idiotic!

HA HA!  I agree Scott.  The cost of fuel alone, trying to keep chamber temp up, would made your ribs about $15.00 per lb. 

Not to mention all the trips in and out tending the fire box.


Hey, good score on the pork price.  You're smart to grab a bit extra at that price.

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Is there any chance of this happening again this season?  The weather is getting colder and I'm thinking that my smoker needs to be dusted off.  It's been too long since I've used it.  Of course, cheese is coming to mind right about now.

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Hey DJ.  @hillbillyrkstr, @kingfishcam and I have been talking about another cheese smoke.  Cam is working weekends and Scott is hunting weekends so I am not sure when the next smoke will be.  I will let you know when we know.


This past Saturday I had a pumpkin seed smoke with my kids and grand children and a few friends.  Smoked pumpkin seeds are great and the pumpkin carving was intense.


Pumpkin pictures.





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Pumpkins look good Stan! Sorry I couldn't make it. Had some pumpkins from the farms pumpkin patch for you.

Jan or feb should be good for a cheese smoke for me.
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Looks awesome Stan. My blue ribbon goes to the Gnome pumpking. Those things always creeped me out for some reason.


Keep me posted on the cheese smoke....if it's just a handfull of guys (less than 10) I'll consider hosting. (I have a heated garage!)

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Sounds good, people!


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I haven't even had time to hunt!  Looking forward to another gathering.  Maybe even end of December????


Smoke some duck?  Hint Hint Hillbilly.....

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Got to get out more and shoot more ducks. We need to get out to hell and find that blind. What are you doing Sunday?
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Got a cow tongue that needs smoking. Any suggestions Stan?
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Thanks guys for the pumpkin comments.  A cheese smoke in February sounds good. Thanks Kurt for offering to host.


Scott I have never smoked tongue before.  A buddy used to make a tongue and ox tail stew that was great.  He boiled the tongue then striped the skin and chopped up the meat then sautéed in oil and spices till it turned brown and looked good then in the pot.


If I was going to try a tongue then I would cure it first poking lots of holes in the skin first so cure works better.  Then I would put it in your emson pressure cooker with pellets.  I don’t know the weight of your tongue but at 2.5 to 3 lbs  I would cook 50 mins.  Then let cool to touch and remove the skin.  Try a bite and see if its Smokey and tender enough. If so then slice thin.  If not then in to smoker for added smoke and heat till its what you want.


Hope this helps and good luck.

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