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Modifying / Updating Lang 48" Patio to smoke sausage

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Wasn't really sure to put this in the Wood Smokers or Electric Smokers but I thought I would start here.  I have a Lang 48" Patio and love it.  I also have a Large Green Egg and Traeger Texas (point being....I can't buy another smoker just for sausage or the wife will change the locks!  


I really like the idea of smoking sausage on the Lang due to the size and amount that I could smoke at one time.


Has anyone out there modified/updated (I am not talking about cutting/drilling/etc) a Lang with an electrical heating element/plate/etc that allows you to keep temperatures in the 120-150ish range?  If so, can you give me details?  Where did you put the heating element/plates (under the reverse flow late or in the smoker)?  Did you use a PID controller or the control settings on the electrical element/plate?  I was planning on using my A-MAZE-N for the smoke and only need the heat.  That brings up another question...if I can make this work where would be the best place to put the smoker?


I have plenty of probes to monitor the inside of the smoker.


I also have a BBQ GURU that I could hook up to the lang and try to run a very small charcoal pile but would need to experiment to see if I could keep the desired low temperatures.


Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I think you can build a small fire and keep the low temps. It will take a little practice but I bet you can do it. Yes I am sure you can also add a heating element but that is more money spent. I would play around with fire size first.

Happy smoken.


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I would think a single burner hot plate under the reverse flow plate, hooked up to a PID would do the trick. Put the sensor for the controller in the middle of the smoke chamber. Just a guess though.
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