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ATC Recommendation

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I'm looking to purchase an ATC for my new 18.5 WSM probably in a few weeks after I get a few runs under my belt. What are you guys using and which would you reccomend? I'm not looking for a lot of bells and whistles, just a fairly straightforward and reliable unit.
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I Use The CyberQ Wifi. Love The Ability To View And Change Temps From Anywhere. The Price Is Steep But I Can Rollover And Check Temps At Night And Leave The House And Still Check. It Works On Your Wifi. Its Pretty EaSy To Figure Out If You Understand Some Network. It Says It Can Email But It Doesn't Work Due To Email Provider Changes.
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Someone had suggested Auber. Are you familiar with it?
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Here are a couple of links for you to look at:
Remember the search bar at the top of every page is your best friend here! That is how I found these links.
Keep Smokin!!!
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Originally Posted by Jraiona View Post

Someone had suggested Auber. Are you familiar with it?


I use an Auber on my MES electric and it is dead on for temp control. I have no first hand knowledge about there charcoal set up.
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Thanks Wolf
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I use the digi q dx2
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