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SmokinNascar, check out Big Poppa Smokers, they are putting on some lower cost, introductory competitions in CA, might be one near you.  But I warn you, once you start competing, you'll get addicted quickly!

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Everybody has different thoughts and ways their smoker should be cleaned,  I clean mine after every smoke.  This is what I do,  After I am done smoking, I get the temp up to about 300 + -


Take the water hose and spray out my cook chamber and grates. The steam and water do a pretty good job. When I fire up my smoker for the next cook, I take my weed burner after I start my fire and go over my grates and inside the cook chamber. Does two things, Help get the CC up to temp quicker and burns off anything that the water and steam didn't get. Then I brush the grates down and take a rag with my tongs and wipe over the grates.


After my fire box has cooled down (usually the next day) I clean out all the ashes, and spray it down with cooking oil.   About once or twice a year (depending on how much I have smoked) I pull out my grates, RF plates, wood rack and charcoal basket and clean everything. Scrape the RF plates, and run the wide putty knife around the inside of the CC to knock off any loose or build up. Spray everything down with the water hose, let dry and back together.


You can raise the lid on my smoker anytime and you get that wonderful smell.        I have a friend who believes IN NEVER CLEANING his smoker, I don't eat his stuff 




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One close by next month. I might go check it out. 

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I clean the grates scrape as needed the KISS method.
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look on utube under lang smoker to find out how they steam clean their smokers, thats the way i clean mine, i think a dirty smoker will turn ransed. a clean smoker is a happy smoker. and thats my 2 cent worth.

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Like most Watt Burner owners, my racks get cleaned real good after each use.

My water pan stays empty & wrapped in foil, as does my bottom drip pan.

Anything hanging loose on the walls or ceiling gets removed before it has a chance to fall on my food.

And the glass in my door gets cleaned before every smoke.


As for steam cleaning or pressure washing-----That would be the quickest way to ruin an electric smoker. IMHO.




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Yeah I'm thinking pressure washer and electrical components ????     Don't think I would



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Thank you for the info, I've cleaned mine from day dot and it looks like I just brought it from the shop.

My reasoning was that I didn't want mixed flavours because you couldn't tell if your latest cook was what you wanted.

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